How I got Encountered with Five Tigers in Ranthambore Wildlife Safari?

Willing to see a tiger is an urge of every travel enthusiast and I was the one among them, so I decided to visit Ranthambore for a wildlife trail before the park closed for the monsoon. I was trying to check my luck at Ranthambore National Park because it seems to be very difficult to spot tigers in its natural habitat. Luckily, I saw tigress with her cubs and the moment was so pleasurable that make my trip worth of it. Cubs were jumping around her mother and prancing all around. Another tigress and her cubs remained elusive, but I spot many other wild animals in the reserve. It took us for four Ranthambore safaris over one full and two half days.

My Ranthambore Safari schedule

Safari 1, since after my arrival – As soon as we reached Ranthambore, we were left for Ranthambore Safari. Initially, there was nothing more than deer but as we were continuing we saw a flash of orange which may turn out to be a tiger. No doubt, Machli it was. Almost 800 meters she continuously followed us pausing to get cool in the puddles along the way. We all got engaged in admiring Machli, a peacock distract us by dancing on the front of our jeep. It was fun after all. Machli is the queen of Ranthambore National Park which is well-documented as a slayer of crocodiles. She’s an old tigress of 17 years and has lost most of her canines.Tiger in Ranthambore forest

Safari 2, the very next day in Ranthambore – This time it was zone 1 and we came back from this safari without spotting a tiger but had learned a lesson of patience. The zone is best known as a house of popular tigress Noor and her cubs. We reached a spot which was surrounded by other jeeps and canters and hear a roar of a tigress and this sets us on high expectations. Later a rumor spread that the tigress had just had water and was not likely to come out. So, we left the spot and went back.tiger safari in Ranthambore with

Safari 3, same day evening safari – The safari starts at 3:30 pm and we went straight to the watering hole where cubs had been sawn in the morning. After a while, tigress named Noor walked up to the watering hole and stayed there for almost 30 minutes by cooling herself in the water afterward she call her cubs and all set for photography. Then she got up to go to the cubs and then slowly came down the hill with the little ones. Almost 15 jeeps and canters were standing there to encounter the tigress. She had maintained enough distance that makes her cubs not too close to human beings.close tiger in forest

Safari 4, next day morning – This was the last Ranthambore Safari and we entered the zone where we got a chance to encounter with another tigress and her cubs. The tigress was named as Krishna. Her cubs eluded us, but then we rewarded with another chance of sighting tiger known as Suraj a male descendant of Machli. The tiger was an adult but for us, he was not less than a full grown tiger. We have captured his exclusive majestic walk in our cameras.tiger cubs Rantahmbore forest

Accommodation in Ranthambore

We had previously booked our stay at Maa Ashapura Farm in Ranthambore which gives us the most wonderful experience that enhances our journey to Ranthambore. We had enjoyed a comfy stay at the farm and a lot more fun activities like a village tour with the horse, horse riding training from experts, swimming pool experience, and the best thing is organic farming. They have served us the most delicious organic food. We had booked our stay in ultra luxury machan of Maa Ashapura Farm which gives us the most pleasing sight of natural surroundings and green fields of the farm.Accommodation in Ranthambore at Maa Ashapura Farm

The entire journey was full of fun and excitement that make this journey the most memorable one. This was the best wildlife journey of my life.

Why is Maa Ashapura Farm Ranthambore Best in Providing the Luxury Stay in Ranthambore?

While going on wildlife tour to Ranthambore National Park, then what sort of accommodation which every traveler seeks for? Well, accommodation with utmost comfort, surrounded by natural surroundings, luxurious stay, great hospitality, etc is the major concern of every guest in Ranthambore. How about getting peace and umpteen relaxations along with the luxurious amenities in Ranthambore?

Imagine the fusion of luxury with nature will be? Isn’t it quite interesting? The timeless beauties of natural surroundings of farm allure each and every guest of Maa Ashapura Farm. Recognized as one of the heritage hotels the farm offers its guests to experience the deep soak richness that leads to utmost satisfaction among the visitors. The farm is established with brilliant architectural beauty that ensures your memorable stay in Ranthambore.

AccommodationAccommodation in Ranthambore

Maa Ashapura Farm invites all the wildlife enthusiasts who visit Ranthambore from all around the world to enjoy the wildlife safari in Ranthambore National Park. The resort is featured with luxurious accommodation with well-furnished rooms comprised of LED TV, Wi-Fi, modern bathroom, electronic safe, etc. The Tiger Machaans gives the rearview of nature and untamed species. It offers the accommodation facilities exactly what you desire for after your Ranthambore wildlife safari tour. Redesigned amenities include pool facilities, separate barbeque, horse riding packages, Ranthambore safari, etc. Our accommodation includes –

  • Ultra Luxury Machan
  • Super Luxury Cottage Tents
  • Luxury Rooms


Along with experiencing the luxurious stay in Ranthambore, Maa Ashapura Farm also facilitates various amenities and facilities that play a vital role in making your stay a memorable one and wonderful journey of Ranthambore. Let’s begin with the facilities you can enjoy in the resort –

Theme dining –Theme Dinner at Maa Ashapura Farm

poolside dinner with proper arrangements of scented candles and pleasing ambiance is perfect for romantic dates with your beloved partner. You can arrange a surprising romantic dinner date with a poolside view for your partner and make him/her feel special. Moreover, theme dining would be a perfect way to make your stay a memorable one. This facility can be avail on special request to the owners.

Village tour with horse – Village Tour with Horse at Maa Ashapura Farm

exploring village life with a horse is the most wonderful experience to enjoy in Ranthambore. The resort facilitates various Horse Riding Tours in Ranthambore which ensures your unforgettable experience in Ranthambore. Maa Ashapura Farm owns the well-trained and finest breed of horse that is Marwari Horse which is rarely available in Rajasthan and other parts of the world.

Organic farming –Organic Farming At Maa Ashapura Farm

delicious food of freshly picked vegetables from the farms gives you a mouth-watering taste to your taste bud. Get indulge in the serene surroundings of the farm that gives experience for a lifetime. The sight of the plentiful livestock grazing on the green fields, refreshing aroma of veggies carries the inner charm of Rajasthan.

Jungle Safari –Jungle Safari with Maa Ashapura Farm

guests can avail a jungle safari in Ranthambore on request with the owners. Your wildlife safari can be scheduled at your preferred time that may be in the morning or in the evening. Wildlife safari vehicles include open Gypsy/ Jeep 6 seater; open diesel canter 20 seaters; open petrol canter 12-15 seats.

Ranthambore city tour –Ranthambore City Tour

Ranthambore is not only featured with wildlife reserve but the town is also a home of various other attractions which you can explore in Ranthambore city tour. This tour can be avail on special request to owners. Fort, cenotaphs, buildings, homes, temples, ruins, lakes, etc are a part of Ranthambore city tour.

While focusing on the luxurious amenities and accommodation facilities of Maa Ashapura Farm at affordable prices then you will surely find it much better than in comparison to others in terms of hospitality, price, quality, and assistance. So enjoy a wonderful Ranthambore wildlife trip and experience the luxurious stay at Maa Ashapura Farm.

5 Most Popular National Parks in India to Spot Big Cats

Kanha National Park

Nothing is more adventurous than a wildlife safari in National Park and capturing exotic range of wild animals in their natural habitat. India is a nation which is not only blessed with deserts, forts, and palaces, but a huge part of the country is covered with innumerable wildlife reserves. Though there are several wildlife species in the national park, the craze of spotting a tiger can be found in each and every wildlife enthusiast. The chances are very less for spotting a tiger which means you may or may not see the big cat, but you can take a chance and visit the most appropriate wildlife reserve from the enlisted 5 National Parks in India.

Jim Corbett National Park – situated in the foothills of Himalayas of Uttrakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is the most ancient wildlife reserve in the country. In the year 1936, the National Park is named as Hailey National Park which later known as Jim Corbett National Park. The reserve is bounded with deciduous forest, which is a home of exotic wildlife species like elephants, rhinoceros, deer, black beer, leopards, tigers, etc.Jim Corbett National Park-India

Best things to do: – A National park is a great place for nature tours, tiger safari, elephant tours, or bird watching tours.

Sundarban National Park – densely covered with mangrove forest, Sundarban National Park is situated in the Sundarbans Delta. Sundarban National Park is famous for its royal Bengal tigers, exotic range of birds, etc. The chances of spotting a tiger in the reserve are 50/50, you might spot the big cat prowling towards his prey.Sundarban National Park

Best things to do: – It is a perfect place for tiger tour, wildlife photography tour, bird watching tour, local village tour, etc.

Ranthambore National Park – most popular tiger reserve in India, Ranthambore safari in Sawai Madhopur district in Rajasthan is famous for its rich tiger population. The national park is bounded with the Chambal River in the south and river Banas in the North. Ranthambore is the first Project Tiger Reserve in the state.Ranthambore National Park

Best Things to do: – Ranthambore is widely known for tiger safari, wildlife photography, riding a Marwari Horse in rustic areas of Ranthambore, village tour, etc.

Bandhavgarh National Park – the natural habitat of Bengal tigers and White tigers of Bandhavgarh National Park was once the hunting reserve of Maharajas of Rewa. The wildlife reserve covers the area of 448 square kilometres which is a home of exotic wildlife species apart from Bengal tigers and white tigers are a leopard, wild boar, sambhar, deer, Indian bison, etc.Bandhavgarh National Park-India

Best things to do: – Tiger tours, village tours, jeep safari, trek to Bandhavgarh fort, bird watching tours, etc are the best things to do in Bandhavgarh National Park.  

Kanha National Park – the most popular tiger reserve in India, Kanha National Park is situated in Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. The national park covers an area of 940 sq kilometres which shelters tigers, sloth bear, Indian wild dog, Indian wold, gaur, Bengal fox, nilgai, golden jackal, etc.Kanha National Park

Best things to do: – Some of the must do things in Kanha are spotting a tiger, exploring the Kanha Museum, bird watching, etc.

These are some of the most popular national parks in the country wherein you can enjoy wildlife tour and capture the majestic walk of big cats. Along with tiger safari, you can also enjoy the serene beauty of Jim Corbett National Park, dense mangrove forest of Sunderban National Park, Horse Riding in Ranthambore, trek to Bandhavgarh Fort, and bird watching at Kanha National park. So, plan your holidays in India and experience the adventures of best wildlife safari in India.